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"In Sweden, the town of Lund has sprinkled the parks with chicken manure to discourage late-night parties"

Rachel, 38, mother of three, lives on the coast between Haifa and Tel Aviv

That's it, we "deconfine" a bit! The youngest returned to kindergarten on Thursday morning.He is delighted.And I am anguished !!! For these first days, they have limited the repeat to three children, so we are among the lucky three.Next week, they expand to the rest of the class.I think the limit is 15 children but we are all year round fewer so that doesn't change anything for us.My second, in elementary school, is still away for a few days.A few more children return to class every day.In principle for him it will be Sunday [first day of the week in Israel: editor's note].He is impatient.His class of 25 students will be divided into two groups.The school is large enough to accommodate all the students under these conditions.And they have called on a substitute teacher to providing lessons for one of the two groups.As for the older one, he is not impatient at all: three lessons a day in his pajamas with his phone next to him is not happiness?

You can feel a little relaxed.People wear a mask ...often under the chin! And the distances are more or less respected.We breathe a little.I had my first coffee outside.The shopping centers have reopened and we can take out to sit a little further where tables and chairs for two people were set up.The parks also started to reopen and I was able to get the boys out yesterday.It was a real expedition after all this time of restriction of movement! Now, we are crossing our fingers that it is harmless to our health.


As of May 7: 24,623 confirmed coronavirus cases, 3,040 dead

Posted Date: 2020-09-03

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