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In Florian Peallat’s photo bag

DLSP is a section that allows you to discover the photo setups of photographers, professional or amateur, known or anonymous, in order to reveal what is hidden in their photo bags.

Today, Florian Peallat presents us the photo bag he uses for his shootings, whether for architectural photography or reportage.

Originally from the south of the Drôme, I have been living in Lyon since 2007 and I am completely addicted to this dynamic, cultural and historically rich city. I really started photography on the day of my professional reconversion.Even if I have always been attracted by images and art in general, I never dared to take the step without being trained. In 2013, in parallel with my job as a retail manager, I completed a one-year training at the BLOO school in Lyon Croix-Rousse. That’s how it all started…

I bought a second-hand camera and started as a freelance photographer and started as a wedding, family and event photographer. I loved photographing those moments in life, but paradoxically, I had a discomfort in me that I had trouble identifying.

It was after a meeting in 2017 with a photographer specializing in the hotel industry that I realized what really attracted me to photography: the work of detail, the mastery of light, careful, graphic and geometric compositions, but also the calm and serenity. His methodologies and shooting techniques fit my personality perfectly.

From there, I did several internships and trainings in Paris, Lyon and Marseille with professional photographers specialized in architecture and with very different works, so I could appropriate some of their techniques, build my own universe and launch myself 100% into this new adventure!

Today, I am a freelance photographer and I produce images in the fields of architecture and space planning. I collaborate with architects, interior designers, decorators and real estate developers. I also work for hotels and restaurants for whom I carry out reports within the framework of their press communication, website and social networks.

I have extended my activity to corporate portrait photography. I welcome in my studio in Lyon individuals and professionals to illustrate their activity with lively and elegant portraits. The bond created with my client during the photo shoot becomes a privileged moment that I appreciate enormously. Putting at ease and valuing my model with benevolence and good humor is very important to me.

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